A Meakin Lead Lights

The Stunning Products at A Meakin Leadlights Explored

Whether you’re looking for an authentically unique way to draw visitors to your home, or an iconic method to accentuate key features on your premises, with A Meakin Leadlights at your disposal you could do so with minimal fuss. For years now the brand has been providing world-class stained glass and leadlight windows to their customers in and around Sydney.

Who Are A Meakin Leadlights?

Established in 1997, and with a quarter of a centuries’ worth of glass experience under their belt, A Meakin could well be considered one of the market leaders for all things stained glass. Based in Freshwater in Manly, they have been catering to the suburbs and surrounding districts for years. Not only do they specialise in the production and supply of leadlights and similar glass products, they also have a team of specialists that can help with the restoration and repair of these features as well.

What Do They Offer?

To say that the company offers stained glass would be an understatement. What they actually provide is an efficient, affordable service that has been the first port of call for home owners, property developers and many more in between for years. As a result, there’s no denying that these traditional window types can be as charming as they are authentic – and this is what A Meakin strives to provide, a unique aesthetic that can enhance the look and feel of many types of buildings.

Some of their most popular services include:

  • Repairs and replacements
  • Reconstruction and rebuilding
  • Restoration
  • Window design and installation
  • Door design using leadlights
  • Fanlights

As if that wasn’t enough, the brand are more than capable of handling replacements in a way that can allow you to enjoy as close a match to the original glass as possible. In fact, this service is one of their most popular; coming in second to the provision and supply of their stained glass products themselves.

When Might You Need A Meakin Leadlights?

If you’re new to the leadlight scene, you’ll be pleased to hear that A Meakin work to design and create their products from the ground up. This means that you could enjoy a customised design ideally suited to your specifications, or invest in a traditional alternative that could complement the look and feel of your home.

If you own a property that already features this type of glass and you’d like it restored or maintained, look no further than this company.

With a variety of specialists on hand to help with the design, repair, replacement and installation of your windows; you could be enjoying an elegant addition to your property in next to no time. The colours and metallic salt formulations used by them are incredibly affective and can last for decades with minimal fading – and their affordable prices and willingness to help are what really sets them apart from their competition.

To learn more, why not reach out to their friendly team today for advice or a quote at

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