Residential Painting Contractors

Residential painters offer house painting services for a family home. The interior and exterior of the house are painted and prepared. Fewer painters and more time are required for residential painting jobs versus commercial painting projects. Additionally, there are many things inside homes that commercial painters cannot paint, such as cabinets, trims, and moldings. Many houses have hardwood floors that are painted to match the exterior color of the house. Some residential houses do not have floors at all, such as stick-built houses that are usually pre-painted or cement surfaces that are painted over with vinyl or other paints.

How to choose a residential painting services is a matter of finding a painting company that has the latest equipment and modern techniques when it comes to painting. Painting companies often have very nice equipment such as cherry pickers, loaders, rollers, and air compressors. There may be new technologies that a painting company has found that you would like to have on your house, such as robotic arms or touch screens. In addition, an up to date painting company is likely to use the latest paint techniques.

Choosing a residential painters is a matter of determining what type of work you want done, what the house looks like, where is the best place to get the job done, and how much time you have to complete the project. If the job is going to be a longer one, residential painters may cost you a little more than commercial painters. If you are going to a local painting company rather than a larger commercial painting company, the residential painter will likely be cheaper because they do not have to pay the same rates for mileage, services, and insurance. Regardless, residential painters are still worth the money because they do a better job, and you don’t have to hire a crew of commercial painters to finish the job.