Using Temporary Fencing For Construction Sites – Covid-19 Update

Which Type of Crowd Control Barrier Do You Need?

There are a wide variety of reasons why temporary fencing & crowd control barriers from ReadyFence can be useful and often necessary in certain situations; from helping to protect individuals from potential dangers, to blocking an exit ramp on the freeway.

With so many uses, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that there are different types of temporary fences and security shutters / roller doors to choose from – and because of this, you might find it beneficial to do a little research to better understand what they are and how useful they’ll be for you before you hire any.

The three types of barricades

In general, temporary fences can be put into three categories: expanding length fencing, pedestrian barriers and traffic barricades.

Expanding length barricades

Most will find that expanding length barriers are ideal in situations where the exact length of fencing needed isn’t known, as well as if they need to be used in a strangely shaped area. Typically, these types of barriers will come in either metal or plastic materials. One major benefit of these is that they tend to be more flexible and easier to adjust, which can be handy in any number of situations.

These are often used in:

  • Warehouses
  • Cleaning areas
  • Construction sites
  • Factories

Pedestrian fences

The most common type of barricade for crowd control are pedestrian barriers, mainly because they tend to be more cost effective than hiring individuals to keep crowds of people safe and segregated. Often, they can be permanent or portable, so most will find an option that’s ideal for their needs.

There are also different categories of pedestrian barricades, which are:

Metal barriers – These are made from heavy duty metal and are the most used pedestrian barricade. There are a few variations, like flat feet or bridge feet barriers.

Plastic fencing – These are ideal for last-minute crowd control needs, as they’re often easier to assemble and move around.

Sports Panel PVC – This type of fencing is typically used to make barriers around areas where sports are taking place, like a field or even a park.

Vinyl barriers – For situations where aesthetics are also important (like a wedding for example), vinyl fencing is often one of the best choices.

Traffic barriers

Also known as safety barricades or road barricades, this type of fence has a number of uses and is usually the best type of barrier for road-related scenarios. Whether you want to minimise traffic flow, make a safe drop-off zone at a school area, or create roadblocks, this is the ideal barricade – and these are just a few of many ways that they can be used.

There are different types of traffic barriers and they are:

  • A-frame barricades
  • Delineators
  • Jersey barriers
  • Safety signs
  • Traffic cones
  • Traffic barrels